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Poking about in the woods has been a passion for as long as I can remember, pocketing interesting finds to add to the 'Nature' table, from the odd bird's eggshell to a wiggly stick. Always preferring to be out than in....


Now I design and craft my findings, with the natural material, texture and structure in mind, into hopefully desirable objects to own, use, give and slightly wonder about!

Each piece has it's own unique story, (like us!)

France was 'home' for 25 years, but now am enjoying discovering the ancient woodlands and rivers of England.

I've 'cuckooed' myself into a corner in my partner's wood workshop, where I get to bounce ideas, learn, and sometimes, pinch the best off-cuts. (He's a talented but more importantly, a very patient man).


We live aboard the Narrow boat, 'Sirius', so fortunate to live so closely to nature, feeling the seasons change and seeing the world from a different angle.

Hope you find something that excites you, or get in touch if you fancy something special.

Emma    x

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