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Assorted wood necklace (3).jpg



 From discreet pebble like gems to statement pieces that shout 'Look at Me' !

 Inspiration from the changing seasons, material colour and nature itself.

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Oak wood chopping boards.jpg



Mainly off-cuts from major projects that just 'happen' to come my way.


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Art Vessels:

 Experimenting with form, texture and material. Highlighting natural properties and 'flaws'! It's all beautiful.


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Turned Bowls and Plates:

Every piece used to be something else or was destined to be. Reclaimed or recycled, from doors to chairs, out of skips and off-cuts. 

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Spreaders and servers,

stirrers and scoopers,

Putting the 'fun' in to functional.

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Miniature room


Off My Tiny Tree:

An off-shoot.

Tiny Worlds, handmade in naturally formed hollows, all from recycled materials and laughter, lots of laughter!



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